First Post

I’ve always been in love with words. Reading almost anything brings me pleasure and I had for long wanted to experiment if writing did the same to me. And others too, of course.

So I just started this blog, after I had something of a Word of the day moment. When my neocortex failed to provide me with an appealing name for this blog, I Googled for words synonymous to random or randomly anything that would intrigue me. That’s when I stumbled upon Urban Dictionary‘s Word of the day. “Going commandtoe” happened to be the word and the day happened to be my birthday. What better title can I have! For those of you who couldn’t share the blog founding moment, here goes :

Going commandtoe is when you wear shoes without socks. Often done in the summer or if no socks are available.
Does not apply to when wearing sandals/flip-flops because socks in that context would just be wrong anyway.
Ray saw it was a bit of a scorcher outside so he decided to get some air between his toes by going commandtoe.